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About FTM II

FTM II is an innovative company that has launched a “Forget the Market” alternative investment strategy that ensures long-term success if followed faithfully. This changed and improved alternative investment opportunity has been built using historical…

Our Story

During the darkest days of the global financial crisis (GFC) the thought kept returning – what if the only way to beat the market was to “Forget the Market”? How could this be done? Was it possible? How could it be done differently?


FTM II was created as a way to put your investment goals on auto pilot as a true buy and hold stress free investment strategy. Instead of worrying about what the latest news, central bank policy or political mishap means to your bottom line.

Benefits of our Strategies

  • Recession Proof

  • Unaffected by falls in the market

  • Non-correlated to equities

  • Investment strategy dating back to 1997

Our Historical Track Record

FTM A Class

  • 110 Positive Months

  • $5,000 minimum investment

  • 8.88% Annual Return

  • Total Return 118.36%

Previous Awards

  • 2016 Offshore Fixed Income Fund of the Year – ACQ5

  • 2016 Most Consistent Offshore Fixed Income Fund AI Hedge Fund Awards

  • 2nd Place for Most consistent credit strategies fund June-2010 – June 2015 Preqin

FTM II Investment Strategies

Forget The Markets Is The Solution For Any Market

A2 Class Strategy

Launched September 2022
Targeted Return 8%
$20,000 minimum investment
Open-ended fund

X Class Strategy

Launched September 2022
Profit share
Close-ended fund (previous FTM shareholders)


Investment Strategies

Historical A Class

  • 100 Positive Mnths
  • $5,000 minimum investment
  • 8.88% Annual Return
  • Total Return 118.36%

A2 Class

Fact Sheet


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FTM II’s mission is to be the best partner with investors who seek to move away from traditional investment strategies and into the next generation of investing.